10 Harmful effects of Junk food on Children

Junk foods have become much popular these days. These foods are considered to be the favourite foods of children nowadays. If you want to gain all the information about 10 harmful effects of Junk food on children then this article is worth reading for you.

No doubt they provide you with immense pleasure and taste but they are quite dangerous for health.

What are Junk foods?

Junk foods contain sugary items, fried items, burgers, sausages and salty snacks. These foods contain the extra amount of toppings and side products that decrease the nutritional values.

They give high-calorie intake and deficit the body from healthy nutrients. They play a major role in non-functioning the optimum functions of the body. Let’s discuss 10 harmful effects of Junk food on children.

Increase body weight fast

Junk foods increase body weight fast as it increases the number of fats in the body. These foods have a high-calorie intake and sugary items. The body can’t be able to burn the food fast and thus gains weight in no time.

Weaken the brain functions

Junk foods decrease the cognitive functions of the brain. They diminish the memory and weaken the brain due to which it starts thinking less. Junk food may cause inflammation in the hippocampus of the brain.

Worsen the digestion

They slow the process of digestion by affecting the stomach. They disturb the functions of the brain which makes you eat more sugary foods. Thus the children eat much. The body gains more fat and becomes unable to waste it.

Effect of the growth

The junk foods are full of fatty acids and they have very low amounts of essential nutrients. The growth of height usually becomes slow and the cells gain much fat fast.

Stress and Depression

The junk foods are full of fats and sugars which cause bad reactions in the body. They cause the chemicals to release in the body. This chemical makes the brain functionality opposite. Due to which the brain functions slow and remains mostly in depression.

Increase the risk of dementia

Junk foods increase insulin production in the pancreas. They lower the memory thus increases the risk of dementia.

Increases the carvings

The sugary things and carbohydrates increase the sugar level too high. However, when you don’t consume junks, the body starts craving for the junks to increase its sugar intake. In this way, the cravings of the body increase and they demand unhealthy food.

Bloating and Puffiness

It increases the sodium intake of the body thus body become swollen and bloated.

Elevates the level of blood pressure

As they have a high amount of sodium which elevates the blood pressure of the body. Thus it increases the risk of cognitive heart failure.

Heart or stroke diseases

Junk foods increase the risk of heart or stroke diseases due to high blood pressure.

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