5 Long Term risks of going Keto

Keto is such a diet that uses the high fat and low carbs to reduce the fats of the body. The Keto has become much famous now-a-days due to its fast results. People at home and gym are doing keto diet with exercise to get in shape fast.

The state of ketosis allows the body to take only 50 grams or less to burn the fats for energy. It increases the energy production of the body due to which it becomes able to carry out a lot of exercise.
This article will give 5 long term risks of going keto. Let’s discuss them.

The Keto flu

In the lists of 5 long term risks of going keto the most common is keto flu. People at ketosis remain sick and they face the side effects of keto flu. This flu causes vomiting, gastrointestinal disease, lethargy and fatigue.

The common cause of fatigue and tiredness is that the body runs out of sugar which have used for energy. In order to get rid of this situation, people can drink plenty of water and have enough sleep.

There’re many ways to get rid from the situation of fatigue. You can have matcha green tea, organic coffee and adaptogenic herbs. However the keto flu is common and it remains until you do keto.


The keto diet effects the gall bladder badly. As this diet cause the gallbladder to produce more amount of bile to break down the fats. As the keto has done totally on the fats and there’s no carbs in the diet.
People can’t have the whole grain, bread and pasta in their diet thus they have the deficiency of fiber in the body. This will lead to diarrhea.


Keto has effect on the sugar level as well. If you’re runing through type 1 or type 2 diabetes then you should always start the keto after the consult of doctor. People who have diabetes shouldn’t do the keto as it causes the condition of ketoacidosis in the body.

The body burns the fat in the form of ketones and the blood becomes acidic. This condition damages the liver, kidney and brain. The common symptoms of ketoacidosis are bad breathe, nausea and dry mouth.

Decreases the metabolism

The keto loses the fats fast and it also effect the muscle mass. The body starts burning calories and also burns the muscle mass.

It decreases the metabolism due to loss of muscle mass. There become the higher risks of weight gain when the body skips the diet.

Heart diseases

The research have shown that the low carb diet increases the risks of cardiovascular conditions. As it skips most of the significant nutrients so the nutrient rich diet is far better to prevent the risk of heart diseases.

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